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Undocumented Mail is one of the leading challenges for mailers in Seamless Acceptance.

Window Book's New Intelligent Mail Toolkit will guide you through the necessary steps to aid in tracking and solving assessment issues, as well as providing a Known Undocumented Log. Our toolkit enables Mailers to identify problem areas, make needed improvements, and avoid future USPS assessments – while saving precious time by making research easier.



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Powerful tools to assist with USPS Errors & Potential Assessments.
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The best solution in the industry to guide you with information and steps to follow forsolving and documenting assessment issues, and for proactively recording potential known undocumented mailpieces.

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What is an Undocumented Mail Piece?

An Undocumented Error is logged when a barcode gathered during sampling (with FS-IMD scanners) or MPE scan could not be linked to any eDoc submitted within the last 45 days. The MID, STID, and Serial Number contained in the IMb are compared to the eDoc to determine if a piece is undocumented. If no match is found, the system continues to attempt to reassociate both sampling scans and MPE scans for 3 days after the scan was received. Undocumented pieces are reported on the Mailer Scorecard after this 3-day re-association has expired.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons that cause Undocumented Mailpieces:


The Intelligent Mail Toolkit Toolkit is designed to help organize the compliance efforts of the Mail Service Provider by:

Enabling quick response and a place to manage and organize Seamless Acceptance issues. Giving users the ability to create, maintain, manage, and search your Known Undocumented Mail Log (KUL)

Mailers often encounter these errors:



These errors can be difficult to understand, and can cause confusion and stress for mailers.

With the Intelligent Mail Toolkit, you will be able to handle challenges easily. You will be guided as to what steps to take action on, with help solving errors, and the information needed in order to rectify current and resolve future assessment issues. Sign up to get started today.



Benefits and Features for the Intelligent Mail Toolkit

  • Auto-populates your CRID
  • Keeps track of your monthly assessment notification email from USPS
  • Gives you the knowledge needed to aid in research. Displays suggestions on howto approach a problem
  • Displays ways to navigate the potential causes
  • Provides framework for handling Known Undocumented Mail
  • KUL (Known Undocumented Log) entry and search features
  • Download to a standard spreadsheet format
  • Speedy and agile development enables user suggestions to be added quickly. Get in on the ground floor, and directly influence development!




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